God never Abandons us!

I went to Nashville early this morning due to a lady in the church having surgery. I left the hospital and I took a route that I VERY seldom take going to this hospital. I came up to a intersection and noticed a car stopped just pass the intersection with a man slumped over at the wheel. I pulled past him and got out and went up to his door. I looked to make sure he wasn’t holding a weapon and to look for alcohol. I knocked on his window and he jump back, startled,I opened his door and I ask him if he was ok. He raised his hands and began crying and looked up to heaven and said “God, you have abandoned me!” He had a very heavy foreign accent and it was hard for me to understand him but he repeated this a few times. I ask him if I could help him in some way or call someone for him. He said” My name is Louigee (Lou-ee-gee) and I have sinned against God and He has abandoned me.” I reassured him that God has not abandoned him and would never leave him and I encouraged him to pray. He looked at me and said ” You are a man of God, God has sent you to me today.” This man was driving a very nice car and was dressed in a very nice suit and tie but something was certainly wrong in this mans life. A metro officer arrived and took control of the situation and I drove back to the church. Pray for Louigee, that He runs to God with whats troubling him. Not sure what part I played but praying God used my few words to remind him…….GOD NEVER ¬†ABANDONS US!!