Stressed out this holiday season?

I have heard alot of people talking about how stressed they get at the holidays. I can understand that to a point but think with me for a moment. Should having a thankful heart cause stress?Should Being thankful for our many blessing cause us to be stressed out? Should us being focused on the birth of our Savior be a stressful event? NO! We must realize WHERE the stress is coming from. Over booked calenders,unrealistic expectations of others, the rush to a crowded store to buy, buy, buy. The worry over the thought of cooking a dry turkey or burning the rolls, or buying the wrong gift. I know people are stressed but I think the stress is coming from us not focusing on what the HOLY DAYS are truly about. The Angels announced PEACE to the world not stress. Maybe if we just slowed down just a little, and we focused on what Thanksgiving and Christmas are really about, we would find ourselves talking about how PEACEFUL and RELAXING the holidays are instead of being stressed and worn out by them