What good is a song bird that won’t sing?

Ability and availability are two totally different things. God has given the robin a beautiful song to sing. As I set in my deer  stand the other day, I heard all kinds of sounds. Squirrels barking, birds of every kind singing the song God gave them to sing, but what if they refused to sing that song? What good is a song bird that won’t sing? God has blessed His people with many and various talents,gifts, or abilities, but what good are they if we refuse to make it available for God to use? A song unsung blesses no one,a lesson untaught helps no one. A good deed undone meets no ones need. A kind word unspoken encourages no one through their trial. You may have a wonderful ability but if you are not available, what good is the ability? The little boy who gave Jesus his lunch, could have kept it for himself. Oh sure, he would have been full when it came time to eat but everyone else would have gone hungry. Instead, he made his lunch available to Jesus and thousands were fed, and by the way, he was fully satisfied as well. He didn’t loose by giving what he had, he gained and blessed a whole lot of other people as well. I want to encourage you to make yourself and your abilities available to God. You will be blessed and you will be a blessing to others. A song bird was made to SING!

Bro. Tim