The Loft Ministry

Welcome to the loft!

The LOFT is a ministry with the intended purpose to minister to young adults of the church. Held in the church loft which is where it gets it’s name, it’s a spot for younger adults to unwind, talk about their lives, and most importantly learn how to have a deeper relationship with God!

Hear what people say about the loft

"The Loft is so important to me because it provides such an amazing family environment. I can have the most rough week and when I walk up those stairs, it's like my stress melts away every time. Smiling faces and homey atmostphere makes a world of difference and gives me a place to call home away from home."

"I learn a lot in the Loft, and a lot of people like to discuss what we had just learned on a deeper level. It's a very welcoming atmosphere, I get to talk to new people, and coffe and donuts are always a plus!"

"The Loft has brought me friends that I have prayed for for YEARS! It's helped me with my walk with the Lord, and we are the next generation of the church so without us there would be no church in a few years! It's nice to have people around my age to ask parenting questions, or more imporatntly, faith-based questions if I need help.

Fun Group Activities!

Coffee bar!

The Loft has a fully stocked coffee and tea bar with donuts available too. It’s the perfect way to jumpstart your Sunday morning! Come join us at 10:00! Your younger kids are welcome to come as well