Youth Ministry


Joshua Clark

Associate/Youth Pastor
Andy Littleton

Andy Littleton

Sunday School Teacher
Johnny Bear

Johnny Bear

Sunday School Teacher

"I love Hurricane Chapel because of the uplifting environment, my understanding and relationship with God has grown so much since I have attended Hurricane Chapel. The family and friends I have grown closer t, and to have ptople that lead and strengthen me to be the best I can be is such a blessing."

"Hurricane Chapel has grown my faith so much. I have started reading my Bible daily, and they have shown me how important it is to have a relationship with God."

"I like Hurricane Chapel because the Word is preached boldly. The leaders and the members have been so encouraging about my faith."

Sunday School:

Sunday Schook involves reading the Bible, watching a video devotional, discussing what was learned, and having friendly, uplifting conversations! 

10:00 Sunday Mornings

CONNECT Classes:

Connect Classes are a time for fellow teens to connect and get to know one another better. They can play games, or just hang out! There’s a short devotional, but it mainly focuses on connections in the church.

5:00 Sunday Nights


Right before worship and the service, teens get a chance to play games such as nine square, four square, gaga ball, or any other game in the sanctuary.

6:30 Wednesday Nights


Worship held before every Wednesday service; held as a time to praise Christ through songs and worship.

7:00 Wednesday Nights


Brother Josh gives a message grounded in scripture, encouraging teens to have a deepter relationship with Jesus Christ.

Wednesday Nights after Worship

We'd love to see you there!

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